Summer’s Different Here…and in Times Square

The Warhol’s summer advertising campaign is now featured in New York City’s bustling Times Square.  The campaign was created for our three provocative summer exhibitions on view through September 15, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge S/HE IS HER/E, Caldwell Linker:  All Through the Night, and Nick Bubash: The Patron Saint of White Guys That Went Tribal and Other Works.

The campaign features summertime themes with a twist…a firecracker bathing suit, a worm-filled hot dog bun, a beach ball ball-gag, and more.  We worked with MARC USA to design the campaign.  Read all about it in The Huffington Post article here or the The New York Times article here.

If you’re in NYC this summer, make sure you look for our animated ad below.  The ad is on display through the run of the exhibitions.

Summer is different here.


Emily Meyer

Assistant Communications Manager