The Andy Warhol Museum at The Armory Show 2013

In March of this year, The Andy Warhol Museum created a series of events for The Armory Show in New York. The Warhol’s Director, Eric Shiner, was named the curator of The Focus Section of the show and, naturally as Warhol could be called the most American of all artists, Eric focused on “Americana” as a theme. The Warhol offered its limited edition photo portfolio “William John Kennedy: The Warhol Museum Edition” for the first time publicly at the fair as well as mounting the museum’s new interactive display, The Screen Test Machine. The museum also presented “Andy Warhol’s TV” at the non-profit arts space Affirmation Arts, which is near The Armory.

Andy Warhol’s presence was literally everywhere in New York during The Armory, including in a project by the artist Charles Lutz who produced a tribute to Warhol’s Brillo Boxes.

The attached video was generously produced for The Warhol by Kiwi Arts Group, which is also the publisher of “William John Kennedy: The Warhol Museum Edition.”  For more information on Kiwi Arts Group, please visit 

The video was created by Jaymes Westfall, with original music by Axel Guenoun.


Patrick Moore

Deputy Director