Time-Lapse: Halston and Warhol Installation

What exactly goes into creating a Warhol exhibition?  This one and a half minute video shows the installation of our latest exhibition Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede. But don’t be fooled by the duration of the video – it took over one month to bring this show to life.

Here’s a breakdown of what went into making this successful exhibition: We began with two weeks of construction and painting that included building rooms to make our Studio 54 and Olympic Tower spaces and inset display cases for Halston’s early hat creations, along with an inset display case for the famous Jackie O Pillbox Hat. It took one week to build custom bases and cabinetry that took over 640 feet of wood to make! After the dust settled in the gallery it took more than two weeks to stage the show. Not only did we have 45 mannequins to dress, with the help of 5 couriers from various museums around the country, but we also had over 200 art and archival objects from the Warhol Museum collection to hang, along with over 50 specialty items, including hats, shoes and ephemera to install from the collection of Halston’s niece, and Co-Curator of the exhibition, Lesley Frowick.

Alissa Osial

Exhibitions Coordinator